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breakfast              counter or table service                       served until 12pm daily


eggs as you like - two farm fresh eggs cooked to your liking served with tomato chutney with sourdough


brekky burger – toasted artisan bun  filled with bacon, a fried farm fresh egg, maleny caramelized onion marmalade, cheddar cheese & bbq sauce                                          


byron bay bowl – apple and apricot raw muesli, blueberry compote, shredded coconut greek yoghurt, & seasonal fruit                                                                                                            


b.r.a.t. – breakfast sandwich of bacon, a fried farm fresh egg with fresh avocado, fresh tomato, house made aioli & rocket on toasted turkish bread                                                         


the onesie  - one poached egg, one rash of bacon, one corn fritter, one sweet potato & pea fritter, fresh avocado, tomato chutney and one slice of toasted sourdough                                                                     


breadless – poached eggs, wilted spinach, dukkah spice, asparagus, roasted pumpkin, roasted mushroom, fresh avocado with tomato chutney                                                                   


4017 -  tasmanian smoked salmon, fresh avocado, rocket, haloumi, with two poached eggs on toasted turkish bread with a wedge of lemon                 


breakfast bode – poached eggs, cooked crispy bacon, fresh spinach, rocket, maleny apple, fig & ginger chutney, soy cooked papitas, roasted pumpkin, roasted sweet potato with grain pane de casa          


eggs benedict – two farm fresh poached eggs atop a bed of wilted baby spinach and toasted sourdough with house-made hollandaise sauce and your choice of either tasmanian smoked salmon, mushroom (V) leg ham or bacon                                                                                                                        


cream of the crop – assorted farmed mushrooms with a creamy mustard & paprika sauce, shaved parmesan, local pork & fennel sausage, a poached egg & toasted sourdough                                    


waffle on – house-made waffles (made to order), caramelised banana, bacon, vanilla ice cream rolled in honeycomb dust, with butterscotch sauce                                                                                


canadian waffles – house made waffles (made to order) with vanilla ice cream, fried farm fresh eggs, bacon and canadian maple syrup                                                                                      


vegetarian breakfast– two farm fresh poached eggs, roasted tomato, corn fritter, roasted mushroom, rocket, haloumi, avocado served with tomato chutney and grain pane de casa                                


the grande – two farm fresh eggs cooked to your liking with bacon, roasted tomato, oven roasted mushroom, sweet potato & pea fritter, local pork & fennel sausage, corn fritter, served with tomato chutney and toasted sourdough                                                                                                                                               


mt classic – two farm fresh eggs cooked to your liking with bacon, roasted tomatoes, served with tomato chutney and sourdough                                                                                                                 


tour de sandgatetoasted turkish bread with fresh avocado, roasted roma tomato, feta cheese, and a wedge of lemon topped with a sprinkle of dukkah spice                                                                      



roasted tomatoes 4              roasted mushrooms 4                 haloumi 5                      spinach 4

smoked salmon 5                 fresh avocado 5                         bacon 4.5                      holandaise 2.5

corn fritter 4                        sweet potato & pea fritter   4      local pork & fennel sausage  4.5                     


muffin of the day                                                                                                         


toasted sourdough with butter & house-made jam, peanut butter, honey or vegemite    


wild fruit & nut toast with house-made jam & butter                                                     


kids bacon & scrambled egg on toasted sourdough                                                      


kids waffle with ice cream & maple syrup                                                                                 



Gluten free options available

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